In uncertain times there is very little you can depend on. At BrownDuck we believe our faith, family, and food are the most important things in a time of crisis. BrownDuck is a Christian-owned company and our business model is unique because we give away 10% of our sales on BrownDuck Market to organizations that help provide food, water, disaster relief, and share the gospel with those in need around the world. Faith in God has to come before anything else, and this is our company's most important foundational belief.
We are also a family owned business, and we care about family. We want you to prepare your family in the best way possible so that when the unexpected happens, you don't have to worry about how your family will cope.
That brings us to the food. Our long-term food and water storage options are the best in the business and provide the best value for your money. Our freeze dried meals taste great, and can store up to 25 years. You have enough to worry about, don't make food one more thing. Feed your family, and around the world you'll be feeding someone else's.
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